Hi, I am Danielle Fobar.

I reside in West Point, NY. I picked up my first camera when I was five years old, I didn't get into digital photography until 2009, and more recently turned it into a full time business.

 I am married to a wonderful man who captured my heart in 2009, and we are still hopelessly in love. We have two adorable boys, both full of energy and curiosity. Two loving dogs who are obsessed with the food the boys leave behind from meals, and a trouble making cat.

​I am originally from Montana, lived there until I was 24 when I met and fell in love with my husband. I crave the mountains at times and am always on the lookout for good photography locations that feature wide open spaces and scenery. 

​I have an obsession for copper, antique cameras and Chai latte. I am a chaser of light, finding the right light for photographs, and you'll usually find me reading photography articles. Photography is my passion, so let me work with you to capture your special moments in life, things that make you, YOU.


“Danielle was fantastic. The only experience I had with professional photography going into our session was studio family portraits and pictures with Santa, but she made everything so easy. She even got my two wonderful, sweet, stubborn-as-all-get-out little boys to look at the camera AT THE SAME TIME. It was great. I look forward to doing it again.”

“Months before the wedding, she suggested that I share my Pinterest Wedding Photography folder with her so she knew what style of photos we were looking for. From there, she began building our shot list. She even knew when “golden hour” was for our exact location (longitude and latitude) and captured the most beautiful pictures of my husband and I as the sun was setting and the light was perfect! Great to work with from start to finish!”

“Dani is AMAZING!!! She brought out my (incredibly shy) High School Senior’s personality. We couldn’t be happier with the way she uses light and the natural beauty of the outdoors. Our session was at a location she wasn’t real familiar with and she immediately knew where she was going to shoot and even had a few impromptu shots that are amazing also.”