Maternity + Family

Pregnancy is a beautiful time! A woman's body is so incredible that it can grow a human being! Ahhhhh let that sink in! On bad days, I look at my kids and realize that I grew something and that the day can't be that bad right?? I love seeing beautiful baby bumps, and even more so, I love photographing them! The added curves make the silhouette oh so dreamy and beautiful!

Maternity + Family Session

This session is great for expecting moms! Have your portrait taken for an hour and then if you want captures with your partner and kids, they can come towards the end of the session. These sessions are $300. You will also receive a 10% discount for a family session taken within a year.

In Home Newborn

This is a special in home newborn session. It takes place in your home and it's the same price as a regular portrait session ($350). As long as I get to cuddle the new baby!!